Science Curriculum

Prerequisites: None
Grades: 9
Length: Full Year

This freshman course is a general study of man and the environment. Topics include the physical basis for life, cell structure, function and organization, human anatomy and physiology, DNA, genetics, and the interrelationships of living things and their environment.

Special Materials: $6.00 fee for Goggles, Disposable Gloves, 1” Three-ring Binder

Prerequisites: Biology
Grade: 10
Length: Full Year

Chemistry is one of the physical sciences that explores the physical and chemical changes that occur in our world. Chemistry core concepts are tied to key societal issues. This approach will allow students without advanced math and critical thinking skills to better comprehend and appreciate chemistry.

Special Materials: Goggles

Physics 1 (H)
Prerequisites: Pre-Calculus (May be taken at same time)
Grades: 11-12
Length: Full Year

Physics is one of the physical sciences. It is a study of matter, energy and how matter and energy are interrelated. Topics examined include: mechanics, sound, light, and electricity.

Special Materials: TI-83+ Graphing Calculator


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