Foreign Language Curriculum

Spanish 1
Prerequisites: None
Grades: 9-12
Length: Full Year

This course is an introduction to the study of the Spanish language and culture. The students will use reading and writing in their study, with emphasis on speaking and listening comprehension.

Spanish 2
Prerequisites: Spanish 1 or Department Approval
Grades: 9-12
Length: Full Year

This course is a continuation of Spanish I. The students will expand their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. The emphasis is on helping the students become comfortable using the Spanish language. The students will study several important people in Latin American history.

Spanish 3
Prerequisites: Spanish 2 or Department Approval
Grades: 10-12
Length: Full Year

This course expands the Spanish student’s knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Emphasis is placed upon the student’s ability to express their ideas and to comprehend complex sentences of various tenses in Spanish.

Spanish 4
Prerequisites: Spanish 3, Department Approval
Grades: 11-12
Length: Full Year

This course includes a study of advanced grammar and verb tenses. The emphasis is placed upon the student’s ability to communicate about specific situations. The students will communicate about past, present and future events. This is an honors level course.

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