Graduation Requirements


The core requirements listed below are the minimum graduation requirements with additional elective credits still needed. The more academically challenging a student’s course of study is, the more choices the student will have upon graduation. It is essential that students, with their parents, check the entrance requirements for the post-secondary institution(s) the student is interested in attending and make sure that their high school plans meet those requirements. Students that plan on continuing their education in a vocational or technical school setting should consider taking additional credits in math, science, business, or technical education. Well-prepared, pre-college students should acquire additional credits in math, science, and foreign language. Due to increasing academic competition, a high grade point average is extremely helpful. For the highest-level post-secondary institutions, two to four years of a foreign language and advanced study in math and science are essential.

Graduation Credits Needed – 26 credits

College Prep Recommended Credits – 30 credits

Academic Progress Checklist Template

4.0 credits

Fine Arts
1.0 credit

3.0 credits (including Algebra 1 & Geometry)

Physical Education
1.5 credits (including .5 credit in Health)

3.0 credits (including Chemistry)

Social Studies
3.0 credits

0.5 credit

4.0 credits (or .5 credits for every semester of enrollment)

Minimum of 6.0 credits beyond the core courses