Why Lutheran High?

We are often asked by potential families and supporters, “What makes Wolf River Lutheran High School special?” This is what a few of our former and current students, parents, board members, volunteers, and supporters had to say.

“Being a student at Wolf River Lutheran High School has a major impact on me, both by what the teachers are able to teach me and in the strengthening of my faith.”

Taylor Timm
WRLHS Class of 2015

“As a parent of a Lutheran High student, I can tell you that the high-quality education my son received in Lutheran grade school is continuing right now at WRLHS. He finds his classes academically challenging and participates in extra-curricular activities such as cross country, basketball, track, choir, student council, drama, and forensics.” 

Mrs. Jacquie Andrada
Current parent and faculty member

“The smaller class sizes at Wolf River Lutheran High School make it easier to be creative as a teacher and really helps me focus on making my classes more relevant to my students.”

Mr. Brent Schultz
Former parent and former faculty member

Many parents have sent their children to Christian parochial schools and would have it no other way, so why not continue building on that foundation through their high schools years in a strong Christian, Bible-based environment at an age when they truly need it the most? You have to prioritize, and you can’t put a price on a young adult that has a strong faith and good Christian values when it comes to making college choices, financial decisions, job choices, and choosing a spouse for life.

I have gone to several WRLHS graduations and words can’t explain the pride and satisfaction I feel knowing God has blessed these young adults and equipped them with solid Christian values to handle the challenges of the world in which we live. There have been many struggles getting WRLHS started and keep it operating from year to year, but when you see the finished product, you know all the meetings, tough decisions and long hours are all worth it.”

Mr. Dennis Genke
Current school board chairman