Incoming Freshmen

This page is designed to provide information for incoming freshmen and current freshmen to make the transition to WRLHS as smooth as possible.  If there is information that would help answer perspective or current student questions, please contact us so changes can be made to assist even more.

Why Lutheran High? – A document addressing common concerns regarding Christian high schools.

Making the Transition to High School A helpful booklet for students entering high school for the first time.


Thank you for your interest in Wolf River Lutheran High School!

The Admissions Committee looks forward to working with you throughout the application process. Please feel free to contact WRLHS with your questions.  All of our applications are found on this website.  A summary of the Application process is as follows:

 Step One: Application for Admission (Applications open January 1st) 

Application – Link to our on-line enrollment application.

Parent and Student submit these completed forms:

  • Application for Admission, Enrollment & Financial Agreement
  • Parent Questionnaire
  • Student Questionnaire—may be filled out during visit
  • $300.00 Non-Refundable Registration Fee

A student will be considered an applicant when Step One is completed.


Step Two: Student Enrollment Packet is reviewed

                Admissions Committee will:

  • Review all paperwork
  • Contact previous school/teachers
  • Possibly interview parent and prospective student


Step Three: Enrollment Determination

Administrator makes a final decision of acceptance or denial. Each family will receive                             an acceptance or denial letter and registration information and agreements.


Step Four: Course Scheduling and Meetings

Freshman Orientation occurs late August; additional meetings are conducted as needed based on student academic requirements.

Preliminary Student Course Selection is sent to each student, and the Preliminary Schedule is developed by Administrator.

Courses may be added/dropped as classes are available


Mark your calendar – Deadlines

  •  For a student to be considered for enrolment, the non-refundable Registration Fee of $300.00 is required when the Application for Admission, Enrollment & Financial Agreement are turned in or before August 1.
  • The registration deadline is April 30th.   $100.00 is deducted from tuition for all who register and pay registration fees by April 30th.
  • After April 30th the tuition discount is no longer offered.