Old Testament

This class is the study of Jesus, the overview of the Old Testament book and the promises of God to his people.

New Testament

This class is the study of Jesus and his message to sinners that we are forgiven. This class will also cover the study of God’s grace and mercy to us sinners.

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Comparative Religions/World Religions

This class is the study of different religions from around the world and their customs. It will also cover how we convey our religion to others who don’t have the same religious values.

Senior Religion

This course is designed to give practical ideas that will be useful as students begin their lives as members of the adult community. Students will study family issues, look at God’s design for family, and take a look at how to defend their beliefs in a world that does not accept God as the author of life. The major teachings of Christianity will be presented through the study of God’s World, presentation of videos, class discussion and writing assignments. We will view trends in religion, politics, entertainment, recreation, competition, and modern society, especially as these things relate to Christian living.